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Controller for Specific System -> Chlorine Dioxide Generation Controller
DP6C : ชุดควบคุมระบบผลิตน้ำยาคลอรีนไดออกไซด์
Chlorine Dioxide Generation Controller
2 pump drive circuits (200Vdc solenoid)
2 functions : Internal (manual) & External (flow sensor)
Max. dosing frequency limit @ 2.5 Hz to protect pumps
External pulse input from flow sensor (contact or NPN)
External pulse counter (signal frequency divider)
Stroke setting : 0.05 sec & 0.10 sec
Bypass pump control : relay contact
Pump lock protection : 4-minute delay
Auto-restart : 4 min. (work mode) & 4 sec. (test mode)
Level switch & alarm : detect low level & stop the system
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