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Controller for Specific System -> Dust Collector Control Unit
DC7 : ชุดคอนโทรลเครื่องกรองฝุ่น (Dust Collector Controller)
DC7 Dust Collector  Controller (Pulse Valve Type)
3 working modes : Timer, CheckP, และ CheckP+1pH
Stop delay to clean filter bags
Valve amount setting : 1-24 sets (depend on model)
Can be used with both 24Vdc and 220Vac valve type
Differential pressure sensor (in & out filter bag) 0-10 kPa
Normal Toff & ToffSpeed
Pressure block alarm when filter bags are clogged
Alarm delay : 0-10 sec
Accumulated working hours : 0-99999 hr 59 min
Clean valve function
Test run function
Digital temperature sensor
Analog output 4-20mA for DP 0-10 kPa
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DCT3 Dust Collector  Controller (Pulse Valve Type)